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Trump as Surrogate

People generally gravitate to not making decisions – in general (let’s say 80% give or take).

A big segment of the population bought the theme that “Washington” did not make decisions, they just talked all the time. They thought that Trump would make decisions, and they liked the thought that he would make such decisions with leverage*. They would all like to have leverage, but most do not. Trump would become their Surrogate for the making of decisions.

In their current state leading up to the election a year ago, as with all of the working class, they either eat shit or die, so if someone told them that he would make America Great Again, they heard “You white folks won’t have to eat all this shit that Obama and his folks have been feeding you.” Also, we will feed a lot of shit to others such that you don’t have to eat so much, since the same amount will continue to be produced. What the story really was, and would become if Bannon had his way, is we fill feed you our shit, and you will like it more.

All those that did not buy the Trump story to begin with are now confirmed in their understanding that he is the Emperor that Bannon wanted to create, but, alas, he has no clothes. Those that bought his song, are still in tune with the rhythm they heard, and believe me they all heard a rhythm that was individual to them, but not out of sync with that hummed by Trump, et al. Soon, they will recognize the taste of the shit they are still eating, realize that it is not much different than before, and they (some) will turn (I hope). Not sure of the time frame, but…

Also, the racists will never turn as they will eat shit gladly in order to be on the top they perceive, at least to the limited, but severely nasty, extent of that status. They still believe, and their belief is not unlike any other zealot – only limited and narrow logic need apply. How far down the road must we go before all the non-believers get off the bus, because it is surely headed to the brink. The sane people need more believes in the greater good, not the individual good.

*(His business was built on the leverage of: I owe you so much that you have to listen to me, or my lawyers will cost you even more money and aggravation. The end result is that people would run from his leverage just to be loose of him. However, they also learned not to do business with him again – unless they got a Letter of Credit or other banking mechanism to assure that when the last payment became due he did not have the leverage he used before.)


Popovich Named It: Disrespect for Racism, not Disrespect of the Flag

LeBron called it out and every person of color knew what he was talking about, but Pop called it out for “white” folks. (I hate that reference, but everyone knows what it is.) The Trump Card is using his usual play: Diversion

Pop declared that the real issue is that white folks get to start a 100-meter dash, in the socioeconomic play that occurs in the USA, with a 50 meter head start on people of color.

“It’s hard to sit down and decide that, yes, it’s like you’re at the 50-meter mark in a 100-meter dash. You’ve got that kind of a lead, yes, because you were born white. You have advantages that are systemically, culturally, psychologically there. And they’ve been built up and cemented for hundreds of years. But many people can’t look at it, because it’s too difficult. It can’t be something that is on their plate on a daily basis. People want to hold their position, people want the status quo, people don’t want to give that up. And until it’s given up, it’s not going to be fixed.” (Emphasis Added)

The 50 meter lead arose from slavery and even though we fought a war to end the slavery thing, then enacted a bunch of laws (in the sixties) and had litigation over it, the advantage still lingers, and the fight for dignity goes on. Worse yet, The Trump Card expressly plays down to those who believe the advantage should never be given up. They don’t realize/acknowledge that they are not entitled to the head start.

Louis Riddick was correct when he modified the optimism of Jalen Rose by stating that some people will not get “it” no matter what takes place (though Riddick and Rose had not articulated “it”). That people won’t get “it” is a dark thought, and Riddick didn’t state the reasons why, but the true reasons are either: 1. A group of people just can’t see beyond a limited understanding of how the US is intended to work under the Constitution; or 2. They know that the position should be given up, but just won’t let go even though they completely understand the conflict arising from preserving the purposeful handicapping that has occurred.

In today’s world, that is what Pop is talking about. Jalen is right: a good percentage of white folks will now be exposed to the concepts that people of color have learned to live with. Those white folks who can and will connect the dots might experience a paradigm shift such that what Pop articulated will be “realized” by a bunch of people who have never previously been aware of the conditions experienced by people of color.

In all fairness, it is hard to make any paradigm shift, but LeBron is Ali like in fighting for it. LeBron makes the point for people of color. Pop, though, provides the illustration for white folks, from the white folks’ perspective. What Pop ARTICULATED represents the essence of what Pete Carrol alluded to in his address about what was taking place. Carroll recognized that a change in paradigm was occurring on Sunday, but he may not even have articulated to himself the key points that Pop made.

Go here and listen to all of what Pop says, because it is the truth.

Pop just tells the truth, and everyone who has not opened up to the truth is denying dignity, the Dignity that Dylan talks about here:

Pop, I think, is from the northern part of Indiana, in which steel mill work dominated the scene locally. That may be why he inclines to calling out the truth. In a steel mill, no lying was permitted and that concept was conveyed throughout the community over dinner as both management and union folks talked about what happens in a mill. There is no lying there because people died in the mill too often, and lying on top of the innate danger is not permitted by anyone.

Jalen holds out that enough will get it, and Louis hopes so too, but with a bigger grain of salt. Here’s a thought for Jalen: I don’t know basketball in the Gary, IN area, but I did know a steel mill in East Chicago, IN in ‘76. In those days though, I did my ballin north of the city along Broadway in Old Town. I did, however, know ball in Southeast Detroit, playing there in the second half of the 70s and through 83 while also knowing the steel mill in Ecorse. The game there did not allow for lying either, so I can see Jalen getting all this and recognizing that a white guy could begin to understand the paradigm of a person of color. Ha, just found out that Mr. Riddick may have a flavor for the steel world, based upon his listed growing up town not far from Allentown, PA. Maybe if we get enough steel mill city ballers in the room, truth will carry the day. After all, Akron is close enough to Cleveland and Youngstown to have a hint of steel.

Truth and Dignity may have a chance to change the actuality of Racism.



Little Boy Trump

The Trump Card says that his rant about players not standing during the National Anthem has nothing to do with Race. Who believes that? Does he? His followers, especially in Alabama where he delivered the rant, know that it is all about Race.

Race was the origin of the kneeling by Kaepernick. He made that move to call attention to what he saw as disparate treatment of black people by police. Anyone that argues that there is no disparate treatment, or that not every policeman treats black people differently, misses the point. To the extent that there is ANY disparate treatment it is significant, especially if you are black. I lived through Cassius Clay becoming Muhammad Ali and all that he did with the draft situation, including the impact on his career. Most of the world accepted Ali as a hero by the time of his death, but the paradigm of the racists was dead against him during his time.

Now, if you are Euro American you may wonder what the big deal is. That is because your paradigm is created from a different set of paths. You have never been singled out because of your Race. It is funny, though, that the Race distinction has evolved. At one time, Irish and Italians, who were also were largely Roman Catholic, were discriminated against in the same way. (There are a number of instances in which such people were collectively attacked by the majority “other” Euro Americans who happened to be Protestant.) Ask any Jewish friend you have what it is like to be shunned or objectified merely because of your heritage. If you are Euro American you may be surprised to hear their story in response.

Did you know that at one time, after a most significant flood on the Mississippi, in the second half of the 19th century, New Orleans actually solicited Italians to replace the black work force? But they soon had second thoughts about the move, as the Italians would not toe the line as anticipated.

Trump’s rant was all about Race. He knows it and his followers in Alabama know it and they wink at it. (No NFL team in that state, and a long history of Racism ingrained there.) Ha, now he comes out and promotes NASCAR. How much more racial can he get? He wants to be sure that the 25% or so of voters who are his tried and true supporters who are (perhaps closet) Racist, will stay in the fold. Those folks will not miss the subtleties that make them smile, but they miss the more indirect subtlety that this is nothing more than pandering. If you are pandered to you eat it up unless you are naturally critical.

I used the title for this piece because The Trump Card behaves like a little boy. As a child, the only reason why one would play with him is if you either needed the numbers for the game, or he owned the only bat in the neighborhood.  Yep, he is that guy, the guy who couldn’t play for shit, but who had equipment you needed, or at least wanted. In my neighborhood, we would have pushed him in the creek and let him wonder home to cry to mom. Yep, I said it.

The Confederate Culture

Whatever “The Confederacy” (and its “Culture”) was, it now stands for everything that kept black people from competing in the game of life in America at the same level as those (mostly “white”) people who were already in the game. That is the reality of its origin and what it represents. Even if there are some diehards who insist that it has some “noble” culture associated with it, any such attachment pales in comparison to what it is understood to stand for. Anyone willing to admit that? If not, then you will always be on the wrong path to addressing the situation, for you are ignoring reality.

That reality is the paradigm that has resulted from all of the strides we have in fact made in the effort to integrate our country. Little did we know that it would lead where it has and the steps that have been taken. The bottom line is more white people have a greater awareness of the disparity in paradigms that are EXPERIENCED by black people as compared to the paradigm experienced by white folks. Most people can only learn from their own experience, but books, movies and, now, social media, have permitted more and more people to at least recognize the existence of a paradigm different than the one in which they find themselves. (Country mice and city mice are more aware of the paradigm of their cousin.)

Here’s the thing, it takes different lengths of time and levels of exposure to new information for an individual to begin to see a paradigm different than the one they emerge into (then modify while living in it). Certain people are, apparently, unable to modify their paradigm by just letting it modify as the result of taking in new data. Those people must be allowed to accept the new data (by having it illustrated to them in some way aligning with their learning methodology). The new data conflicts, usually diametrically, with the data upon which their paradigm runs.

(For Illustration only) That is the reason that there will, apparently, always be people that deny that humans have, are and will continue to change the environmental balance of the globe. They need to be taught to accept the conclusion, but they hang on to the data upon which they were raised (apparently that we could begin to add, exponentially, to the exhaust arising from the burning of fuels by mechanizing the manufacturing process in order to produce more goods. They think that mere capitalism, with rules arising only from the perspective of increasing outcome, will sort it all out. That would work only when the goal of saving the planet made monetary sense to everyone, and right now many infuencers are making money from the continued practice such that they will “teach” the opposite, reinforcing the useless concept driving those that don’t get it. A minority, but…

The same type of minority exist with respect to keeping black people from dancing in the dance that is America. The minority has been told that their place in the world has been usurped by blacks. Apparently, they have also been sold the concept that the Jews play all the music for the dance. Think about it. 200 years ago, when hardly anyone read books, newspapers, etc. that story was the one that was “whispered” in their ears by those that profited from the situation, especially in the rural south, which seemed like farm land put was already the industry of taking from the land, using cheap and disposable labor. That is the culture that is not to be lost at any cost? The fact that it was all reinforced by religion just puts another barrier to changing the paradigm.

Maybe that paradigm, and those individuals immersed in it, can never be changed. Clearly, it ebbs and flows. It is flowing now as the result of the sales job by Bannon’s perspective in the last election. Now he is back to selling the story, and he will always have an audience.

Set them aside, as they are a misdirection since there is a majority that works in a new paradigm.

The rest of society has begun to assimilate the data. They have come to learn about people that are different than are they. First was radio, then TV, but the explosion of the internet is accelerating the paradigm shift of many more people. They understand themselves that black people are still looked at and treated a different way such that they are not given the same chance to find the rhythm, or to dance on the floor once they do find the rhythm. I have to give a nod to LeBron James for getting this concept and standing as tall as anyone in his profession has. He is up there with Clemente, Ali, Russell and Brown. Through his lead, more people will shift their paradigm.

For whatever reason, rationale or otherwise, defendable or not, “The Confederacy” and the “Culture” associated with it now represents the model that was broken and cannot be supported. It must be cast into that place in history for similar cultures. Like the one that said only land owners get to vote, the one that said only men get to vote. Those cultures still exist some: The land owning gentry get to affect the rhythm that is permissible more than the workers, and women still don’t get accepted without strings attached, but for the most part, the culture is extinct in the paradigms of everyday Americans. (It’s not coincidence that our president behaves so slovenly toward women, since that is a culture in which he was raised.)

So, there it is. Quit talking about what the Confederacy as anything more than it was, because it has become what it has become – the representation of purposefully excluding and defiling people of some ilk. It must be given up such that those that have that paradigm learn that it is a paradigm that just doesn’t work in the “tribe” that we Americans are. That is the truth – They are Wrong, namely, Blacks, Jews and other people they would throw in the pool, are NOT the reason they can’t have it all.

Our Tribe is much different than any nation has known, because of how we came into existence and the Constitution (perhaps the greatest man made thing ever). That difference takes getting used to, those that would promote the culture of the confederacy must recognize that it was rejected because the US is not based upon a single culture. It was an amalgamation of diverse cultures, even within the landed gentry there was diversity that made us unique in history. The creators of America wanted to preserve “each” culture they liked, so they agreed that no one culture would dominate. If focused on religion for them, and they may well not have understood the paths they were starting at the time, but our American Tribe is different than any other entity ever created before. (Look at the divergence between the people that influenced the different colonies and how much they were different than each other, if you haven’t.)

The bottom line I set out has emerged from Charlottesville. Many people see it. LeBron sees it and this may help him and others articulate it. I hope so.

I hope someone takes this thought to the public. Fingers crossed that more paradigms can be shifted by understanding.

Bottom Line: The Confederate Culture has NO PLACE IN AMERICA!   This statement is not intended to be mean, but it is true.

Everyone rejects the Nazi aspect, but it is really the attachment to the confederate culture that must be acknowledged and brought to the center. No other mortal enemy of the United States of America would be given any other status, and that is what they are, and why they lost: Truth always carries the day!

Useless Numbers

In today’s world, the bean counters like to have a number to support any conclusion that they wish to draw (decision that they wish to have made for them instead of by them). If you can name a number, it will appeal to the general populace because they have learned to take solace in numbers, so numbers sell. What are they selling, though?

They are selling the mean, nothing more and nothing less.

The mean gives the bean counters solace because they define the impact associated with or arising from the mean. However, the anomaly scares the hell out of the bean counters. Why? Because they only see the anomaly when they do a post mortem on “what went wrong here?”. After they figure out what went wrong, they then decide: “Well, that will never happen again since it was so situation specific, and we can go back to targeting for the mean.”

Seeing anomalies as they arise, at a point in time when they can be taken into consideration, can only be achieved by an odd ball since it is an odd ball occurrence – by definition. Useless numbers are mostly noise, since falling within the mean, while not best, is mostly not bad. However, when achieving the mean is bad, it cannot be rectified by other decisions made in reliance upon the numbers.

Anybody get this besides me? (I think the understanding is limited, again by definition.)

Odd  Balls are the sheriffs that the town council finally turns to when the bad guys are affecting business in town. But once the Odd Ball cleans up the town, he then scares the shit out of the council and they want to return to that comfortable, but flawed, reliance on numbers (that can be useless).

The Finger

Trump, Stephen Miller and Steve Bannon have effectively given America the Finger on behalf of a subset of Euro Americans who see themselves as white put upons.

NeighborDave is old. When he was growing up the finger meant more, apparently, than it does now a days. Then it meant a throw-down or a race as the giver fled the target.

Conscientious Americans must throw-down. Of course, if the threesome and their ilk flee, then it will be just like my childhood.

Truth wins, eventually. It took a second world war to enforce the truth of the bad behavior exhibited by this type of assault in a developed country. It happens in lessor developed countries from time to time, but in America it needs to be recognized and stopped now.

America has always been different and it is time again to show that to the world. Don’t brush off the Finger that has been directed at you America.

Will the Acknowledgement come?

I had “When” in front of the title of this thought, but I had to take it off, simply because at this time, I cannot go over 50% chance that enough people recognize that Trump is as dangerous to the US and the world such that he must be muzzled, legally. I see the bus we are all in headed for the obvious cliff that is ahead of us, and realize that there is a parade necessarily following our bus. I go up to the driver, but he waives me off, maybe with an F bomb. I go to the back of the bus and have my hand on the emergency door handle, hoping to bail at the final moment. I don’t see many others that are seeing things like me. How do you turn the herd when it is stampeding.

It is better to divert the herd, but in this current situation do we have any hope that we can get a certain percentage of the herd to realize that whatever interest they have in any ultimate goal that Trump may espouse, they cannot absorb, on many levels, the philosophy he is allowing to be “his” at this time. It is so black and white to me, when does it become black and white to everyone. Pardon the pun?

Bannon is a diverter of the herd, and there have been others in such roles, but not one that is so directly connected with a racist espousal of philosophy. That is a given, but he would divert. That may be why direct stop by some of those in the herd might stop, upon not accepting the diversion, effectively saying, “Don’t piss on my back and tell me it’s raining.”

Hence my 50% hurdle on when. I sure hope it happens in time. He will not survive his term, it is so obvious to me. I have seen his type all over the world. He is such an easy read. In business they only survive if they have the ultimate leverage in the situation. Trump, in business, could always find a financial leverage. Either he owed you way too much for you to look short term, such that you would eat something currently in order for a chance to make it up over time, or you were too small to survive the fight such that you might accept 25% in lieu of the fight. In Trump’s world of leverage he would give the long term away consistently, paying the old debt that was now secured, ahead of current debts newly engaged in. The lenders will always be there, I guess, up to some certain point. I would not be surprised to learn of very interesting international banking debts of Trump.

He presumed that he became an emperor, not a mere president. He will have to be shown the distinction. What leverage the US has in any situation is such that it is more effective when exercised with restraint. The US is not in the mode of merely flopping its “case” out on the table and figuring that was the end of the discussion. That is exactly the style that Trump knows, and perhaps the only one he can practice. In the world of real negotiation, flopping gets everyone on the flopping side excited, but once the “case” lays out there for a while, it doesn’t have the same magic as that of sudden appearance of the “case”. The rest of the world is in no hurry, as they have centuries of experience with this kind of behavior. They  have never seen it from the US, but they have a record of it in their history. They smile and wait, as do I.

The resigning CEOs all acknowledge the conclusion that he just ain’t right on this. Just ain’t, but he does not see it. I almost said will not see it, but does not is better. Might he ever?

The four or five heads of divisions of the Armed Forces all see it, which should allow all of us to relax. Here’s the thing, they got the fist signal on the Transgender debacle such that they were on guard for an opportunity to make a clear statement that they will preclude his exercise of force in support of any patently unconstitutional goals would fall on deaf ears, forcing a showdown. That is how far ahead they are playing the game of Trump, because they recognized it in time.

Congress must be next, in overwhelming  numbers in agreement that is unwavering, consistent and conscientious. Some of the American people get it, but I don’t think they get the severity enough yet, at least not universally. As hard as it is for me to believe, they have other things to think about such that they set this aside. They will be the last of the herd to turn. The sure end point would be the Supreme Court, in deciding a conflict of authority. Will Trump make that happen by never recognizing that his position cannot be maintained under scrutiny? Well, if that has to happen, what else takes place in the mean time? I can’t do anything except point it out. Everything else must stop until he is shown his folly and accepts it. Truly, that is the only short cut.